When things don't go right ! -- The crash thread


Nam I am
things don't always go as planned , and some time we meet the ground

Knuckleslammer in trouble

I Are Baboon and Bike get parted

CP show somepost ride Black and Blue

My Knee

Forget what his name was , but that finger says it all

SloMoJo In the Snow

Me sitting down on the Ice

SLoMoJo again

Dalton Doug

I Are Baboon attacked by his own bike .


Baboon after a tough crash

Dalton Doug again

IF_rider goes into the bushes

IF_rider again , Same day , was a bad day for him

I are Baboon , Wide handle bars -- BAD!!

Ben-O in trouble

SloMoJo finds the water very cold

Carol gets laid out

ComTom sits down

rescueing a damsel in distress

If_rider slips in the snow

Ben-o didn't think Studded tires were needed that day .


and from that day forth he has been known as the sliver turtle.

Vincent finds a gap

Jersey girl has an argument with a mud puddle.

Later that day jersey girl again

Berkshire rider again

DR and some rocks

Donny and some rocks

Quo Fan meets DR

My Knee once again

My wife sitting down on the job

and fianlly ( for now I'll probably add more )




bikey's is cool
Jul 26, 2002
in a bear cave
Geez people learn how to ride!:rolleyes: :ouch:


Last week i had a funny crash. There's an elevated stretch of trail that is built on a skinny bunch of whoops. It's actually pretty techy... Either side slopes if you go off the trail you're falling 5 to 10 feet into bushes. A tiny garter snake was on the crest of one of the whoops, at the last second i turn my front wheel and try to skirt the side of the spine, off the trail and upside down i slowly unclip, get off the back of my head by kicking my legs over from above me. Crawl back up and fetch that stupid snake that was sunning itself and put it on a stump off the side of the trail.


Nam I am
OK so there are a few more that are need to go in here .

Donny from today

The silver turtle






Tweek breaking a teeter as well

Tweek on the bridge of death

JustBill staring in the infamous Stunthumper

sysdasti says Hello Bushes

Splat on a patch of Ice


skinny mike

Turbo Monkey
Jan 24, 2005
this thread is quite entertaining. good stuff splat! and when were you in nam today? i was there from about 10 till a little after 1.


Mar 31, 2004
Broomfield, CO
That broken finger picture is nasty. Figures that I had to see that too, I have a phobia of broken fingers since each of my ring fingers has fallen victim about 3 times a piece.


I give a shirt
Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh
Good stuff Splat... something to be said for being at the right place at the right time... and even more to be said for having a camera ready for it :rofl:


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Oct 5, 2004
Rochester N.Y.
One of the perks of riding alone is that nobody can see pics of me eating it all over the internet...However it sure is fun looking at pics of other people eating it.


Ride till you puke!
Dec 10, 2002
Burlington, Connecticut
Man - I'm only in here once........I'm sure there are about 10 or so more of me on my ass or landing on my noggin somewhere.

In fact, my shoulder hurts still from when I took that bad digger last year around this time during the MMcG Freedom ride. :(


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May 18, 2003
Jeremy R said:
That one of Zonic Man just brought tears to my eyes.

Here is one of me:

that guy is in for it if that is the line i am thinking it is that i helped build. not the place to crash.


Mr. Excitement
Feb 3, 2002
Over there somewhere.
splat said:
Jersey girl has an argument with a mud puddle.

Later that day jersey girl again

I remember that day. If I remember she f'd her shoulder up that day. I was never caught crashing, will make sure to be in the future, I did draw blood, but that is it though.