Where are your computers


Turbo Monkey
Mar 19, 2002
Copenhagen, Denmark
I have two lap tops at home at each end of the apartment often running at the same time and they run all the time. Love to be able to kill some time during commercials when I watch TV which will result in a lot of time on the computer during the super bowl.


Oct 17, 2002
why two? Why not just wireless?

We have four computers: two laptops, one media server and one collecting dust :)

Austin Bike

Turbo Monkey
Jan 26, 2003
Duh, Austin
I spent so much time troubleshooting that I actually went to the trouble of making a network map.

There are only 2 of us in the house, so statistically I am an abberation.



Turbo Monkey
Mar 3, 2006
I have my laptop which sits on a table next to a sofa where I normally use it (like now). Mom/sister have a desktop on a desk in the same room (tv room), and my dad has his work computer down in his old office in the basement. The printer I use is set on "share" and hooked to the family desktop. Internet cable modem is in the basement hooked up to a wireless router, which i attempted to wirelessly bridge to another wireless router in the tv room, but instead had to run a 100ft ethernet cable along the ceiling of the basement to the outside of the house, tucked up inside the wood paneling outdoors, and in through the wall next to the other router.


Dec 13, 2001
Hebron, ohio
2 desk tops.
1 in the dinning room m for the family
1 in my room for me
now if my isp could pinpoint why my incoming cable signal is gitt'n slower an slower , theni'd be able to reconnect my wireless router


Turbo Fluffer
Aug 8, 2005
My own world inside my head
Man after seeing that Diagram, I dont feel so bad having four computers, WIth that said, I have 2 pc's in the Office, Those we use for gaming and general use, One in the closet for Data storage, used as a Server for back ups, saving important info, images of the harddrives in the other three computers<updated weekly>, The server doesnt even have a moniter on it at all times. And My laptop in teh Living room, for Internet, bookkeeping, Commercial entertainment, downloading, Picture manipulation, ETC. Of coarse all have access to each other. I dont really need a system anywhere near like this, but It was all setup for your basic Geek factor.


site moron
Jul 5, 2006
Vernon, NJ
i have an imac and a desktop pc in my room, my macbook pro that i have a charger for in my room and living room. My dad has a laptop he keeps at a desk in the living room, mom has a macbook and a winblowz laptop she uses for work in her office. My brother has a pc in his study. idk how one can share a computer it never makes sense to me


Fear my banana
Apr 5, 2004
So Cal
One file server, my two desktops, my wifes laptop, my laptop, and the networked printer.

Server, printer in my wifes office along with modem and router (wireless). My two desktops on my desktop (imagine that!) in the living room. The two laptops roam throughout the house.


Jan 22, 2008
San Diago
Jebus, and I thought I was bad.

We have 2 on the desk, custom made double sided desk, a file server and my laptop.
Same. 3 desktop pcs, a file server, 3 laptops, and a few other gadgets to go along. But, all in all, 7 computers running for 5 peeps


Nam I am
2 laptops( win blows ) around the house via wireless, 2 Desk tops down stairs in the Basement /FAmily room ( 1 linux one winblows ), 1 Linux File/print /weather/web server , 1 Sun Solaris server with a DLT tape changer running legato, a couple of stand alone systems and 2 or 3 routers.

also I would never leave my routers at the default addresses of 192.168.0.X and 192.168.1.x way too many hacks/scripts kiddies that attack those network addresses.