Where to buy Banshee Scream V2?


Jun 21, 2007
Hi Guys,

I've recently moved to Norway and finally got some time for riding!

The only problem is that the prices here are mental... so I've decided to buy something online... my friend recommended me http://ride-zone.com - he bought the NS Bikes frame and tons of parts and build up an amazing dirt bike ;)

I prefer DH.. and since I'm here I want to build up a nice DH/hucking rig to start ripping the fiords ;)

1390 euro (1700$) for a Banshee Scream V2 with a Fox DHX 5.0 is really a burgain...

But still maybe there is some shop I could by it cheaper or use it to match the price in http://ride-zone.com

I'd appreciate any links or contact info...I really can't wait and I won't be shipping the bike from states...

Ride On!