Where to get Jerseys Printed?


Turbo Monkey
So next season our team will be needing some jerseys? Where is the best place to get them made? Im hoping I can get a TLD jersey printed on because I sorta have a deal going on with them, plus they make the pimpy shiot. Well need somewwhere that can put other logos on as well.



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Jan 30, 2002
Grand Haven, MI

Call me and I'll hook you up with the t-shirt shop that has printed our Fox jerseys for the past 3 years. They do an awesome job and only charge us $7/ jersey for 2 color front and 1 color back. They charged $8.50 for 2 color front and back. Of course, we are printing 25+ jerseys at a time. They do an awesome job of printing them. None of the over 100 jerseys has ever had an issue with washing them or wearing out the screen printing. Also, they haven't trashed a jersey while printing them. There are pics on the hgr site forum.


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Sep 7, 2001
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We had bike atac do our original jerseys 2 years ago, and while the job was decent, it wasn't perfect. Colors were wrong, and none of the graphics lined up perfectly. Perhaps that nitpicky, but meh, its a big thing to me.

This year we were super lucky to go with Wrex Racing. They are a canadian company too, and are so bloody accomodating, its almost crazy. Not only did all the graphics line up PERFECTLY, but they printed off a bunch of samples to get the right color, helped us out putting printing names on the back, did custom shorts, and were really open to critiques.

We are going with them for next year no question, and I've aimed everybody their way, knowing they will get a killer product at a killer price. Simply the BEST company i've worked with in a long time, across all industries



Jun 21, 2002
I had a jersey done by animalpaintball.com this season. They are really cheap and fast ($65 for a sublimated jersey) and you can get just one. Watch the sizing though, they run really large.


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Dec 11, 2001
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Voler did retarded work for us years back...the jerseys are 6 years old and every time I break one out to do an XC ride in or freeride...it's still in perfect shape. Flawless colors and awesome materials.