Where to ride in oxnard/ventura


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Oct 20, 2005
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I just moved up here from the o.c. and am looking for good mountain trails, everything from xc to freeride would be much appreciated. also theres tons of skateparks around here anyone know if i'll get arrested for riding my bike in them. one last thing i know there's a supergo around but i'm looking fo a good shop with nice high end stuff.:evil:

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Jan 10, 2002
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Come up to Santa Barbara and hit some DH trails. The trails will be really nice and tacky this weekend if it doesn't rain again before then. Ventura is suppoesed to have some good trails around though, and skip supergo and find a local shop, there are bound to be some good ones.


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Jan 6, 2003
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Well, as far as trail riding goes, there really isn't anything at all in Ventura or Oxnard. Your best bets are Ojai or Point Mugu. I suggest you try Gridley in Ojai to get a taste. I've ridden pretty much everything around here to death, so if you need any specific info, let me know what it is.


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Oct 18, 2001
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Hit up Bikes of Ojai, not exactly local, but they are good guys and NOT Stupor-go ;)

Gridley is a great XC trail. If you want some DH action, head to S.B. or down to Chatsworth/Simi Valley.


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Jun 19, 2003
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ghostrider said:
jeb4, what type of riding are you into?
Downhill (I'm not that good, but I have a good time) and just plain old trail riding (I like technical stuff). I'm not much of a climber at all, but I'm starting to work on it....