Which elbow guards should I get? TLD, RaceFace, IXS...

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Oct 7, 2009
Hi guys,

After having my elbows torn last days, I'm considering buying some elbow guards. They would be used mainly at 4x races, so they must not affect my feeling of the bike.

Good comfort and ventilation (so that I can wear them in hot days) highly recommended, don't have to be bomb-proof though. I'd like not to spend fortune on them too.

One more important thing, I will have no possibility to try them before buying, so I have to be sure that their size will fit me (I'll rather sell them than sand back to the shop). I have quite thin arms, probably thinking about S sizes.

Here's what I'm intersted in:

IXS Hack elbow guards - can't find any opinions, but look like they were allright

TLD SE elbow guards - heard that I should try them before buying 'cause the S size may be too big, and aren't they too hot?

Race Face rally FR (2010 model) - can get them quite cheap, but doesn't they restrict movement? Aren't they too hot?

TLD EG 5500 - seems to be nice, but I've heard that they like to slide from an elbow.

I'll be gratefull for any info, especially if someone could compare some of them :D
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Jun 11, 2009
East Bay, Cali
Race Face rally FR (2010 model) - can get them quite cheap, but doesn't they restrict movement? Aren't they too hot?
These are the only ones on that list I can comment on.

I bought them cause I love the Rally FR shin guards. The first pair I bought were size large (I'm 5'11" about 200lb) and they were way too tight on my bicep and forearm.

After riding armpadless for a while I decided to try the XL only to find that they are annoyingly long. :think:

I would not recommend them.


gets infinity MPG
Mar 18, 2007
Sutton, MA
Check out G-Form. I've been rocking them on long, hot, sweaty, xc rides and never once thought about taking them off. I think they feel great. They are super cool and feel like ice packs when they get a bit of sweat in them.


Plus, they are made in the US and they make military armor.

Last pic is me sporting G-Forms.
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Oct 7, 2009
These G-forms look quite nice, but are quite pricey - besides, I can't buy them via chainreactioncycles so I'd have to pay additionally for shipping.

What can you say about Rockgardn landing zone elbow pads?