Which replacement seals for 888 RC3?


Patches O'Houlihan
Aug 7, 2006
Tustin, CA
I just put a nice scrape in my left stanchion on my 888 and it started leaking oil, so I'm guessing it's chewing up the seal. Should I just use factory replacements or are the enduro seals any better?

Also, any idea on what a replacement stanchion(s) cost? I'm going to just try to smooth it out and fill with nail polish...


Mar 30, 2011
Yea, I'm running enduro seals at the moment and I would say the stock Marz ones are better, just a little less sticky.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 14, 2002
I've used the enduros extensively on marzocchi forks. They don't seem to last quite as long. They work fine overall, and are actually a couple bucks cheaper usually. With the enduros, I ended up having to replace seals about once every season. With the OEM marzocchi, it was more like at least every two seasons. I suspect one reason they get a bad rap is due to fox's design with no pressure-oil seal, so it's probably hard to make them "just right" so that they keep the oil inside, but don't impact the action too much. In that case, it's kind of trying to fix a turd, but they are usually still an "upgrade", although fox seems to have solved this with the last version.