Which type of bike for Central Florida?


Feb 27, 2013
Well, I'm not really a newbie, perse. I've been riding since the mid 90's. Actually, I've been riding the same bike since 98, and its ...well ... shot. Time for a new ride. I lived in North Ga most of my life, and was used to that type of riding. In Central Florida, we don't have moutains, but damn do we have sand, roots, and muck. Some of the trails I've ridden on are far more technical than those I've ridden in Georgia. I've read the latest Bike Bible last month, and am amazed out how the gear has come along in 16 years. I have a 19" Marin Indian Fire trail hard tail that was my beast util I got injured on it about a year ago (thanks to a long worn out fork). Now I see there is several categories of bikes, new components, etc.

What would someone recommend for this type of trail riding? It will definitely be FS. Should I go 29r? 650B? Stick with 26?