Whistler 2019!!!


Rusty Trombone
Jul 10, 2003
A couple of ways to explain it...
Pop out of BV just above The Filthy Ape island. Instead of going into the right where that wooden bridge/wall ride is, cut across the ski trail towards Original Sin. There's 2 step-ups and the Oakley sender. If you hit the right side step-up you'll see a trail to the right. Marty Master is right there. You'll literally be just above The Filthy Ape.

I believe that it's newer?
I know exactly where you are referring to now. Thanks man.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 24, 2004
In 2014 my Canadian buddies talked me into giving that a go. I clipped my pedal on the diagonal root that you have to drop off on the approach, lost both feet off my pedals and made it to the roll in before going over the bars down the chute. Somehow didn't break any bones, but ended up with a haemotoma on my stomach which developed overnight. The boys still buy me beers for continuing to ride the rest of the day and doing Fade to Black for the first time on the same lap after that crash.