Nov 12, 2004
Me and my friend were planning to move up to whistler in a year, after graduating highschool. So can some people living or that have lived up there for a while awnser some questions. Is the rent to high in whistler to live at the actual mountain or would we have to commute from pemberton. What is the job situation like up there. Is it hard to find evening employment. And the drinking age is 19 up there right...

Thanks - Greg


Jun 3, 2002
Whistler is def not the cheapest place. You can check out the Pique for houses, that would be your best bet. You would prob want to get some roomates, they are always easy to find in Whistler. Many of the houses in there are renting out rooms.

the website is: http://www.piquenewsmagazine.com

you can also find jobs in there too. there are always lots of jobs, if you are american you will need a work permit though for anything legit. i know lots of people who work in resturants at night so they can ride all day, seems to work out quite well.

you could live in pemby, it would be cheaper, it depends on what you want though. i would try whistler first and then move up to pemby later.

19 is the age!! yee ha!

hope that helps!