Whiteface Mt Bike Park has been busy building.......

downhill mike

Turbo Monkey
Mar 23, 2005
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We want to show you what we've done and how the mountain is riding!

Check out this quote from one of our long time Whiteface shredders, Luca M.
"Huge props the whole Whiteface Mountain Bike Park trail crew for the amazing amount of work they have put into the trails. The Face has never ridden as well as it did today and conditions are spectacular.
Favorite run of the day: Evil Empire / Cliffs of Insanity / Evil Empire / Slickrock / the Judge / Seek and Destroy / Opiate / Brakeless. 2,500ft of vertical!"

Our trail crew has been looking at all our trails and making the big mountain ride better than ever. Here are two projects that you can't miss on your ride down.

Inconceivable (Trail # 25) came out amazing.
This new section eliminates the "old small uphill" section

This leads you over a new bridge that carries your speed through!
So much more fun!

A new bridge is born and flow is the name of the game!

The next trail that needed a little "flow enhancement" was trail # 3 AKA Slickrock.
Naturally flowy up top, but in need of a bridge right after you enter the woods.
"We need to go over that rock!"

Tyler seen here doing some finish work.

Success! The old line used to go bikers' right of the rock. Now straight over with more speed and you are set up for the steep chute that follows. Watch for a sweet berm next week at the bottom of the steep chute! Flow and gnar!

Yesterday we started on possibly our biggest feature to date, a 12 foot step down! Should be ready in a couple of more days. Pictures to follow.