Who here has ridden Porcupine Rim?


Rusty Trombone
Jul 10, 2003
5"-6" ish lighter AM bikes are the absolute jam in moab for almost any trail, to really ride moab properly you need a bike that can climb reasonably well. Porcy could beat you up if you are out of shape and go nuts trying to mob down the thing but just have fun with it. I first did it waaay back in college and was beat as hell after the ride.

Now I'm usually on that trail once a year and we do an evening ride after we get done with it...(better shape).

Absolutely get dropped off at LPS that is arguably one of the better parts of the trail but there are some exposures up there, they are hidden by trees most of the time though. Whoever cleans the notch gets free beer the rest of the trip.

Full Trucker

Frikkin newb!!!
Feb 26, 2003
...Moab is freaking awesome. Heaps of tasty man-pants moves in this video of a trail that I rode with SkrdShtles and a few others last fall. This is not my video, but it's pretty nifty. Enjoy.


Mike B.

Turbo Monkey
Oct 5, 2001
State College, PA
Which trail is that?
Rockstacker and Jackson. To get there climb up Amasa Back and follow the signs. Go check out Pothole Arch while you're up top. Your buddy that doesn't dig exposure will probably hate Jackson but you can send him back down the way you came up which is still a fun run back to the car with lots of small ledges and high speed line choices.