Who was the company that made 2 piece shin/knee pads?


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Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh
I remember seeing in one of the mag's recently a set of knee/shin pads that were a "system"... you put on a gasket type pad and could ride it like that, or add a hard plastic combo piece over it... maybe I am dreaming, but I can't find ref. to them...

I am looking for more protection around the sides and back than what I have now... both fox and 661 have wide open backs to them and if you slip etc you get a nice pedal bite on your calf... call me stupid for getting tattoos, then call me extra stupid for getting them on my legs which are always getting beat up, but I want to TRY to protect the artwork:thumb:

or if you know of a pad that protects the calf well post up and I will look into it!

and YES I DID SEARCH FIRST... but with 60 or so posts about pads, I figured what is one more?:biggrin:

thanks in advance...