Whos calling in sick to fly Auburn

Apr 21, 2007
the NorCal bichiz
We will be doin plenty of riding up hill on this trail so
I see no reason why we should ride to the top .
I was thinkin aboot late this week like Thurs. or Fri.
just take off after lunch and dont look back -

Hopefully your boss is not in these forums . If he is scruu him ! YOU need to ride more than he does .

Where you at Swerv'y

Im bringing a car and a truck -
if more people bring trucks it will be faster


Turbo Monkey
Feb 21, 2006
we can get off at 12noon, pick up the kids to drop em off with Marie. Throw the bike in the back and head up the hill. If you're game, give me the werd and I'll confirm with Marie and tell the boss.