Who's coming to snowshoe for the last weekend of the season?


Turbo Monkey
Jun 8, 2005
last day is OCTOBER 9TH, i don't know where you got the 15th.

shuttles on the Western Territory run Mon-Fri on the hour from 9-5:30 and on Sat-Sun every half-hour from 9-5:30. the Ballhooter lift runs on Sat. and Sun. from 10-6.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 21, 2004
Falls Church, VA
spacemanspiff06 said:
the last day is oct. 15, right. i should be there.
what will you be ridin? (easyist way to spot ya) i'll be rockin the silver gemni
we all have white or black virginia tech jerseys.

i will also be putting an annoying bicycle horn on my handlebars that i can honk at random. i have an orange santa cruz

did you ever ride with us in blacksburg, with sean castle?

i remember someone from roanoke with a silver gemini.
May 12, 2005
roanoke va
that would be matt. lill bastard's sellin his bike for band $. i ride with sean but never been up to blacksburg. i do want to tough. i've ridden with what's-his-face with the builit/66 and p2, so he knows me. i'm going up this sun for a day trip, but i'm not sure if i'll make it up for the last weekend.