Jun 8, 2010
Boone, NC
First of all I am a local and proud of it!! Me and the wife stopped at the Mass in the valley. I picked up a magazine entitled "Blue Ridge Outdoors" because it had a biker on the front and it said "downhill destinations". On page 25 it lists the best non-ski resort areas to ride. 3rd and 4th on the list, with descriptions, are Beehive and Headley. I thought this was strange seeing that there has always been the hush-hush about these. Just thought some would like to know.:D Also I rode the latter a couplr of weeks ago and it i apparent that they dont want anyone there.:(


Oct 1, 2006
west asheville
Yeah someone left that magazine in our office the other day. I was pretty shocked to see beehive especially listed in there. They deserve a letter to the editor.


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Dec 11, 2001
Over your shoulder whispering
My only comment would be that the author was suprisingly thorough and pretty accurate. It was, by far, the most detailed article I've read on DH in our region. Maybe therein is it's weakness too, since we're trying to keep the stash secret.

It like when I was in Maui, I immediately asked the locals to show me Jawz so I could at least see it. ;)


Jul 30, 2010
Upstate SC
just pretend it didn't happen. don't make a big deal and the whole thing will go away.
I agree with Nasty. I wouldn't have even know about the articles until I saw this post, and I saw it on another forum today as well (which I think has more traffic than here). I just happened to notice the magazine when I picked up a sandwich on Fri at Roly Poly and only picked it up cause I read it here. What kinda of circulation do you think that rag gets when compared to this forum and the other I saw it on? I bet they aren't comparable, net versus regional print. Yeah sure, someone else could have posted it, but...