Winter Bike Overhaul


Oct 15, 2006
Ok,so im thinking about doing a overhaul on my Scott High Octane sence it is winter.What im wondering is what i should other then tune up type of stuff?If you guys have any ideas or thoughts that would be great.Thanks


Turbo Monkey
Feb 9, 2005
Bleedmore, Murderland
Personally, I like to take apart the bike completely at least twice a year. I'm talking cables, nuts, bolts everything. It may seem a bit tedious but it can help to find any problems that might be unforeseen.


Turbo Monkey
like mentioned above

strip the bike as far as it will go - i would leave the head set cups and bb cups in unless they needed replacing

- service the fork if not done recently
- get everything feeling like new and re set
- strip cassette down
- inspect all parts for any damage that wasnt visible before
replace if neccessary eg bb bearings, suspension linkage bearings,
cassette freebody
- grease everything properly when putting it back together
- service rear hub if it starting the feel a bit ordinary
- rear shock rebuild if 9-12 months since last depending on usage
- definitely new gear cables

Think of things on your bike that are generally a pain in the ass to service or take time and you really dont want to be doing them during the riding season. Do them now