Winter series, one week away


Turbo Fluffer
Aug 8, 2005
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So with that said, how many monkeys are we going to be seeing down in good Ole Fontuky next week? Hope to see everyone down there having a good time, remembering why we DH!!! Hopefully it will stop raining by then also.


May 6, 2007
I'll be there if my leg heals, hope it rains all weekend, muddy fontucky is the best.


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Aug 8, 2005
My own world inside my head
you know i'm down dirty , but i have more fun dh @ box springs than fontucky.is craig going to race to ?
I dont know for sure if Craig is going to make it or not, We got rained out this morning, not that We were worried about the mud, just didnt want to get sick. We are gonna try and squeeze in one more ride somewhere tommorrow if we can find a clear time in the weather.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 12, 2006
I'll be getting back from Mammoth Friday. I'll be there Saturday if my possible ride works out.
We are hitting the road at 4am on SUNDAY morning! We can probably pick you up on they way? About 5ish that morning.....
1 dayerz rule especially when Big Bear used to do King of The Mountain and you did 4 race runs then had to drive 4 hours back home!!!:disgust:


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Sep 24, 2004
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The courses are usually rocky and dusty at the top. At the bottom, you have to sprint for a while on a long flat section at 'The Wall'. When it rains the day before, and then mists, the dirt is so tacky. :drool:

edit: :stupid:
Im there! Im going up today and wed to ride, told the wife I have a semi wrap to finish in Fontanna. (Actually wrapped a semi there last week so I snuck 2 days in :D)
Rode there last weekend and the ground was perfect!!!!! So by sun it should be spot on, there was no dust last weekend either as well as no silt and dust puddles.


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Nov 10, 2005
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I probably won't be out for the first race this weekend... I'm moving into a new apartment. But if I somehow get all my stuff out of my old place and in the new one by Saturday night... then maybe...
Whats the course usually like? Also, do they separate beg/sport and expert/pro courses?
Its beginner 2 pros, 1 beginner 2 pros. They think of it as a fox hunt when they come by and tag you like a 4x race and you fly off into the spiky thorn thingy's!
The second guy runs you over while compressing real hard! BEWARE!!!!!
Its roller derby on bikes red neck style!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Dylan Dean

Oct 12, 2007
southern California
had a quick look at the flier.. not that it's huge news, but it's good to see a little different variety to it all...

1. SHIMANO is the title sponsor now
2. NEW Sections to the courses (can't really see too dramatic of a change, but would be cool for some changes)
3. $5000 series pro purse (split between DH & XC - $500 each win). no, not huge amounts (compared to other races), but much better than it was before! & especially for fontana.
4. i'm not sure about this.. but is the entry fee cheaper now? $35 (+ $10 discount for members).

things are lookin better for Fontucky! :D building my Hardtail now for the 4X... donno if i'll race though.

seeya out there!


Dec 21, 2003
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$35 (+ $10 discount for members).
Always been that much for as long as I remember. No USA Cycling license reqt. is a plus. SRC membership gives you instant $10 discount on each entry fee, free T-shirt and non-lock on ODI grips that are so 1990s. Good stuff.

Sunshine and warm 70s are in the forecast this weekend. Practice on Sat should be rad. Sunday is just a consolation for actually going there.