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    Jan 8, 2008
    It doesn't look like anyone has posted anything about this, so I wanted to throw it up here.

    The Winter Splinter will be an indoor jump jam/bike battle type of competition. Only 24 and 26 inch wheels will be eligible. There will be a pro class, expert class, and amateur class. Pro class will have 100% payback in cash prizes and there will be loads of prizes for the expert and amateur classes.

    The Factory Skatepark is Georgia’s premier skatepark, featuring a 40,000 square foot indoor park with the only thirteen foot indoor vert ramp on the east coast. In addition, it has a six foot mini ramp, five foot bowl, an awesome street course with an eleven foot wall ride and much more. There is a separate rhythm section with two table tops, a double roller, a spine, and a nine foot roll-in. The comp will take place on the street course, the rhythm section, and the fourteen foot half pipe.

    February 24, 2008 (MTB only)
    March 1, 2008 (BMX)

    Factory Skatepark
    140 Werz Industrial Drive
    Newnan, GA 30263
    Phone 770-683-7588
    Fax 770-683-7589
    email - factorysk8@gmail.com

    Doors open at 9am
    Registration starts at 10am
    Competition will start at 12 noon

    For more information, check out:

    - Duckworth
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    Jan 8, 2008
    Just received this from one of the contest coordinators:

    "Just thought you guys would like to hear that the Black Market Bikes has agreed to support the Winter Splinter 2008! Carter Holland is sending a Riot build kit for 1st in amateur, a Riot frame for 2nd, and a set of parts for the rest of amateur!

    That means all classes will have awesome prizes."
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