Winter Time trial


Nam I am
Its that time of year , The Team Bums Time trial.

woke up to it snowing , I guess Yesterday the lake was totally clear of Ice, well by the time it was race time , had a good 2 new inches of snow to make things interesting.

the course entered and exited the Ice three times, had all things to make it a challenging course. Ice , rocks, sand, single track , a small climb tight tight turns , fun, we would do three laps agains the clock .

Me looking good on my first lap

Peter on his first lap

Me on the Hump

on the sandy boat ramp

Peter on the boat ramp

from the ice up 3 step back trail

if you got out of the track the tires would get squarily as peter demo's

Peters Game face

29er single speed ridgid

Me exiting the ice .

Peter doing the same

getting off the Ice , but the guy in front has a small problem, fortunately it is last lap

close up of the problem

Hmm there was some rocks, as we got back on the ice

and this was the 3rd entry to the Ice

the downhill track

Scott our host and race course designed on an ice buckle ( with 2 others behind him on the ice )

BadDNA on the Hump

BadDNA on a straight away

rocks on the Shore

exiting the ice

My daughter wanted to have some fun too, so she grabbed Peters bike after he was done , and took it for a spin on the ice.

I'm not sure I would have trusted a Suburban on the ice.

and the results.

Lots of fun was Had !!!


Jul 8, 2006
I got that flat on my second lap and had to do the entire last lap with it! Great day on the lake. You guys should do some of the spring TT's!

(the winner was John B. running an rigid 29er SS w studs.)


Mar 31, 2006
Here are the ordered results...I beat Splat by over a full minute with a studded tire on the front only. :cheers:

Studded Class:

John B 1:49 1:52.55 (3:55) 1:56:48 (3:53) 2:00:44 (3:56)
Rick N 1:10 1:14:20 (4:20) 1:18:36 (4:16) 1:23:07 (4:31)
Eamon 1:54 1:58:31 (4:31) 2:03:20 (4:49) 2:08:32 (5:12)
Mike C 1:13 1:17:25 (4:25) 1:22:04 (4:39) 1:27:45 (5:41)
Mike T 1:20 1:24:54 (4:54) 1:29:55 (5:01) 1:34:48 (4:53)
Mike L 1:17 1:17:13 (5:13) 1:22:32 (5:19) 1:27:41 (5:04)
John (splat)1:08 1:13:14 (5:14) 1:18:24 (5:10) 1:23:45 (5:21)
Dave S 1:16 1:21:20 (5:20) 1:26:55 (5:35) 1:31:59 (5:04)
Bruce T 1:18 1:23:52 (5:52) 1:29:26 (5:34) 1:34:42 (5:16)
Peter 1:17 1:25:44 (8:44) 1:36:10 (10:26) 1:43:37 (13:27)

No Studs Class:
John B: 1:19 1:23:33 (4:33) 1:28:06 (4:33) 1:32:33 (4:27)
13:33 (3)
Scott N 1:46 1:50:48 (4:48) 1:55:42 (4:54) 2:00:19 (4:37)
14:19 (4)
Laura Z 1:15 1:21:06 (6:06) 1:27:01 (5:55) 1:32:33 (5:32)
17:33 (10)
Mike T 1:41 146:12 (5:12) 1:51:14 (5:02) (quick release broke)


Feb 18, 2008
Boylston, MA
Just joined Ridemonkey today. Thanks MMcg for the tip. Just browsing around and look what I find, a report on the Team Bums Ice TT! Sure was a fun day. Scott Nelson does a great job and deserves all the credit for putting it on.

Now on to my 29er handicap. Whats this all about? They really shine in bad conditions. BTW, I like the 29er format but I'm going to try a 27.5 combo next. Hey Splat, don't knock it unless you have completely thrashed them on your favorite trails. You may just be surprised with how much fun :busted:alternative wheel sizes can be......

Scott Nelson

Mar 3, 2008
Millbury, MA
Thanks!!! And thanks to Splat too for his awesome pictures. Our club had many full out ice races back in early 90's and they were always a blast. Simply want to bring back the old school- low key -high fun -xc events mountain biking should be all about. Starting last year-- I went with the TT format to accomodate more people and riders loved it. Plan on many more years of this event. Food, music, fire pit, bikes on ice! What could be better? Look to join us for more slippery (free) racing in 2009. Check out our 2008 Spring and Fall TT series too. Over 21 weeks of racing/training at seven entirely different central MA courses.