Winthrop CX/XC Races this weekend


Nov 27, 2004
The fact: there is a few CX races in the NW this weekend, but only one XC race. Winthrop will have both races this weekend......the cross race is 2pm on Saturday and the Expert/Open XC race starts early in the morning on Sunday. I'll bring some Belgium home brew for the folks from Bham (after cyclo-cross). Hopefully an incentive for a few folks. Registration is at the barn on the west side of town.


Future Turbo Monkey
Jun 1, 2004
Ballard 4 life.
Sounds like some good times. Have fun! I might go but my XC bike has been in pieces for the last year.
edit: oh yeah, I'm really out of shape too.


Aug 12, 2004
Cle Elum
It might be a pretty thin field for the expert XC. Last year there was about 20 riders in the expert race. I am thinking sport-cause I dont want to finish DFL.

Matt where is your XC bike? I am guessing your still looking for a wheel? If anyone else is wondering about the course in Winthrop you can ride it with a rigid SS or just about anything. Last year I rode it with a "comfort" bike in the spring race-that was definitely crazy. I got a DFL in my class.

Like last year Curtlo is giving away a bike frame. Might be worth it to come up just to get a shot at a Curtlo.


Aug 16, 2004
Bellingham, WA
Borregokid said:
Matt where is your XC bike? .
I just parted out my road and XC bikes on Ebay... All I have is my cyclocross bike and a brand new roadie being shipped (dura ace 10!!!)...

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about an XC bike for next year... I really want to build up a Giant XTC but doubt I'll have that kind of money. But hopefully I'll have something by April cuz I wanna do the Indie series... If I get desperate I'll just order some 1000$ XC bike off of bikesdirect.com...