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Sep 5, 2005
While inter-netting last night the "good" laptop
"lost connection, attempt web page recovery" messaged me. I thought good time for a break and took one. Since then cannot find any wireless networks. Nothing.

Of coarse the extent of my knowledge was to reset modem, reset router. Usually if this happens I can just
dis-connect / re-connect, and done. This time message is "No connections available".

I type this from the "old" laptop on the basement work bench from my wireless network the "good" computer can't find.

Anybody offer anything here? remember...for dummies, thanks


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Feb 12, 2003
is there a blue led light you normally see, but don't any longer? perhaps there's a wifi button that you accidentally pressed? some have this, for what reason, i'm not sure (security?)

i'll assume you've rebooted your laptop, not just the router.


Sep 5, 2005
perhaps there's a wifi button that you accidentally pressed?
ha- yeah I've been "that guy" before too. Tech support people have had a laugh at my expense before for sure.

I had to reset the "network connection adapter". Didn't even know I had one of those to reset. First time that has happened, and I have no idea why.


Feb 13, 2004
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Do you have *any* networks available when you click the little wireless icon? If not, you may have inadvertently turned off your wireless on your laptop. There's a switch on many of them that will switch it on or off (useful for flying).

Otherwise, right-click your little wireless (or internet) icon, and say "open network and sharing center". There will be a little diagram there showing your computer connected to the wireless router, and the router connected to the internet. Or it'll show you where the breakdown occurs.

If you still can't connect, can't see your connection, plug your laptop into the router directly (using an ethernet cable) and check your settings that way. I know that there are options to "hide" networks, but doubt that it would happen all of a sudden?

Otherwise, I got nothin'...

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Feb 11, 2002
Connect via lan cable, delete your wireless adapter drivers, reboot and let the laptop "find" the drivers again. This is what fixed my Dell. Ymmv.