WNC and upstate SC Monkeys


bagpipe wanker
Dec 3, 2009
Cackalacka du Nord
@Yossarian -it's def a cool spot. much more off the beaten path. it's smaller but a tougher ride. the one time i rode there it kicked my ass. granted it was 100* and 100% humidity... there are two tubing places, i think. saluda, nearby, has one or two spots for beers and green river bbq...


Monkey Pimp
Jul 25, 2001
Aboard the Inchcliffe Castle
@jstuhlman Yeah, the parking lot I was looking at is right near a tubing outfitter. I think we are going to Asheville for some day drinking then back to the cabin for the serious drinking. I guess that depends on somebody willing to stay sober for the drive to Ashville. Me, I am happy drinking alone in the woods.