Women become their Mothers - True or False?


Nov 28, 2007
"I would like to add this is bad news because your mother-in-law is a preview of your wife when she gets older."

EOD stated this in another thread and I have heard many variations of this statement over time. I disagree but am anxious to hear other opinions.

When people say this, are they meaning primarily in the way she looks? Personality? Intelligence? Boob size?

My lovely wife is sooooo different than her mother. Like night and day. Fortunately, she did not get her looks from her mother either. My sister is the same way. She is so different than our mother in every way, including looks.

If we're talking about more than just looks, as in personality and outlook on life, I think a more accurate statement would be that your wife will end up more like your mother than hers. My wife's personality is so much closer to my mother than hers, it is almost scary. There have been times during conversation where I could not help but think that I was talking to my Mom. <shudder> Then again, I don't like anyone telling me that I have to grow up and I can't just go play whenever I want. :biggrin:

Your thoughts?


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Apr 5, 2005
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My wife is entirely different from her mother. She had different experiences, didn't smoke, didn't crazy diet. The truth is my wife doesn't like my mother or hers.


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Feb 3, 2004
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I think a more accurate statement would be that your wife will end up more like your mother than hers.
It's a fairly common theory (I would guess Freudian) that men tend to choose partners that resemble their mothers one way or another, especially if they have (or had) a good relationship with their mother. I suspect that men also tend to notice, dwell on, and exaggerate whatever few similarities there may be between their SO's and their mothers.


Nov 28, 2007
Seems to be fairly even so far.
Those of you that believe it to be true, in what way(s)? Looks, personality, habits...?

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Dec 21, 2004
Up sh*t creek, without a paddle

once kids enter the picture watch out, Just as I see my self that I have become my Father
My first car (one that was actually out and out mine) was found in the Little Nickel ads...I'd been working on cars since I was 11 and now it was time (16) for me to prove I had the knowledge. So the ad said "Free car if you can make it run." We drove out to this guys' place in the middle of freakin' nowhere (I thought there was seriously going to be an albino retard playing a banjo when we pulled up...) and there sat a 1981 Honda Civic station wagon, 5-speed...Oh, yes, it was hot. My dad took the toolkit out of the trunk, put it by the car, and said, "I'll be back in 3 hours. If you get it running before that, I'll be down at that bar we passed about 20 miles back." I ran through everything I could think of that wouldn't take me longer than half an hour, got it to turn over a couple times, packed up the tools, pushed like hell down the driveway, popped the clutch and awaaaaaaaay we go.
Popped my head in the tavern door and said, "Uh...dad...we gotta go..."
"It's only been 45 minutes!!?!?!!?"
"Yea....I'm not shutting the car off..."

I'm so doing that to my daughter...but it might be with cosmetics...

On the mother side of things...it is scary. Oh yes...scaaaaary...


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Sep 10, 2001
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It is true. My wife has some of her father sprinkled in, but she is a lot like her mother. Regardless of how hard she tries not to be.


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Jul 2, 2004
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I can only hope...

If I were to turn into my mother, it would be an improvement. When I was a girl scout, my mom was our troop leader. We were in rural Texas, and beef was big business. Mom took the troop on a "field trip" to the slaughterhouse to find out where steak comes from. It was really interesting!

A few years ago, when I was team capt for a 4-woman 24-H-O-Moab team, I enlisted my mom to be our cook. Not only did she fly out from Texas to SLC and then drive with my dad to Moab to be our cook, she went into training, perfecting the art of cooking choc chip cookies and buttermilk biscuits over an open flame. She brought goulash completely made in a seal-a-meal bag, along with other things. She is amazing.

More likely, I'll turn into some self-aware and enlightened version of my dad. Good thing I married someone like my mom!!

me and mom in Texas
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Oct 23, 2001
I think stinkyboy is the only poster here with a large enough sample size of wives to make an accurate call. fwiw I get along just fine with the girl's mom so I'm not too frightened. :D