Wow, what a difference chromium makes!


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
So shorty time after getting my Aspire 1 (8" SSD with 1.5G RAM), I tossed Linpus and installed Ubuntu. A few tweaks, and it was awesome. But after the last Firefox upgrade, it got painful. Doing anything was slow, lots of spinning, just pissing me off.

Last night I did some reading about 9.10 with ext4 and how much better the performance was. I also saw that Google Chromium was an option for 9.10 in a deb package rather than using wine. I figured WTF.

Wow, this little bastard smokes now! My SSD isn't lit up all day, pages load like crazy, I have pidgin, office, chromium, and terminals open and noting is hung up. It's like a whole new box again.

Just thought I would share my happy geek dance!