Wrong spring for DHX? Please help.


Jun 9, 2005
I bought a 05 Yeti AS-X complete early this year. I weigh 210 with gear so I ordered a heavier spring for the shock. The bike came with a Fox DHX 5.0 (8.5 eye - 2.5 shaft) and a 500*2.80 stock spring. I bumped up the weight to a 600*2.55. I was told at the shop that the 2.55 would be a longer spring made for big drops and DH. But after talking to a friend that was told not to use that spring because of the coil binding, I wonder if this is the wrong spring. If the new 2.55 spring is 5/100 of an inch longer than the shaft, I would be screwed after two turns of preload.

I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say. The shop said that Fox sent the 2.55 for my DHX. But another guy also talked to Fox and said I need a 600*2.8, the length I had to start.

If anybody knows what the heck I'm talking about please respond.



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Feb 19, 2003
Usually if it's a steel spring and you start getting heavier, the length has to stay the same BUT the coil windings become more. Like say on a 400lbs spring you have 8 coil windings, well on a 600lbs spring you might have 10 coil windings and the coil itself might be a hair thicker. You have to keep the spring length the same or else the shock stroke gets messed up. Atleast that's what I found out with 5th element springs.

Never had fox though, just their rear air forks. Last time I checked 2.80 is larger than a 2.55 in stroke length. I'd ask Go-ride or Push industries and see what they say.


Mar 5, 2006
the pounds tell you how much force (weight) you need to compress it 1", the other number tells you (only for fox springs) how many " you can compress it before the windings hit. so for a 2.75" stroke shock you want a 2.80 spring... hope that helps