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Jul 2, 2001
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Ya, direct warning to the Russian government followed up by the advisory. Apparently it was dismissed by Russia as a hoax for internal interference. Will be interesting to see what actually comes out.

There are channels through which intelligence is shared between countries - even those that are not allies - especially when it relates to possible attacks on civilians.

But the problem is that Moscow dismissed the warnings.

Three days before the attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the board of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), whose job is to defend the country. The top priority, he told the assembled leaders of the security service, was to support what he called the special military operation - the official phrase for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

He claimed that Ukraine had switched to what he called "terrorist tactics". He also spoke directly to what he said were "provocative statements" from the West about potential attacks within Russia. He said the warnings "resemble outright blackmail and the intention to intimidate and destabilise our society".


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Apr 19, 2013
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An Iranian embassy deleted in Syria and 7 aid workers blown up in Gaza. Oops

Not 7, but 196

UN Secretary-General Guterres says the Israeli attack that killed seven World Central Kitchen staff brings the number of aid workers killed in Gaza to 196 – including more than 175 members of UN staff.

And that is on top of about 375 ambulance personal and 120 destroyed ambulances. So far there is no accurate total of doctors, nurses, and medical technicians lost. Last I saw was over 650 and that was a while ago.

Here is a link to a discussion in the off topic section of an Audio website I belong to; PinkFishMedia. This is a long one at over 400 pages but it is packed full of analysis, news reports and interviews that you will never see reported here. It is horrific but well worth working your way through.

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