X-Fusion Shocks for 2011


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Jun 26, 2009

In the past there have always been a few major players in the suspension game, but now things seem to be diversifying. Companies such as X-Fusion are gaining large followings and the product is there to support it.

X-Fusions main program revolves around rear shocks for every market, and forks for the XC/All Mountain crowd. The Vengeance fork is their most versatile piece of front suspension, as it can be ridden on anything from dirt jumps to XC rides and gnarly freeride trails. The 02 rear shock is the California company's top-of-the-line air shock, while the Vector HLR brings the ability to tune the suspension perfectly for oneself.

The Vengeance HLR has air, rebound and high and low speed compression adjustments, while boasting 160mm of travel. It can be swapped internally to a 130mm setting and a much lower 100mm.

The Vengeance RC is a great price-point option, but lacks the high-speed compression adjust of the HLR.

The Vector HLR is a DH specific shock meant to be tuneable; it has high and low speed compression, bottom out, rebound and air adjust.

O2 is for all mountain rides and can be used in a DH setting as well. The lengths are as follows: 165/38, 190/51, 200/51, 200/57, 215/63, 222/63, 240/76.

The XC and all mountain fork that X-Fusion offers is called the Velvet. It features 80/100mm of travel or 100/120mm, depending on internal adjustments. It weighs in at under 3 and a half pounds, and has a 15mm axle.

For more information on X-Fusion's 2011 line, their team riders, service etc check them outonline!