Xanga music????


Tirelessly Awesome
Jan 30, 2003
Lima, Peru, Peru
so... lately i've been checking out the internerd for music (since am at work i cannot download any) and discovered a pretty cool webpage full of .wavs....

since the quality was crappy, i kept looking, and somehow i discovered a place called "xanga.com" where there were a few pages with .wavs, and a later search on yahoo revealed "xanga music" was a popular search.
so i searched, and i came up with this page..


full of timeless classics like back dat azz up from juvenile, and other lyrical jewels from my college age...

i searched the wikipedia, but didnt find much info, anybody knows more about what is this "xanga music", how it works, and where there are more webpages with songs to be streamed????

on that page, i cannot seem to pass from letter A... any of you can?? what might be wrong with my browser?

can anybody explain me more about xanga music, and how it still legal/hasnt been sued yet, and where can i get more???