XTR for DH?


Short One Marshmallow
Sep 7, 2006
French Alps
This is kinda a double post (apologies), but I'd like some feedback concerning using '08 XTR calipers/levers with 203mm XT rotors.

I have not had experience with Shimano brakes since the old (and awesome) XT discs...

I have had experience with Avid's '04 Juicy 7s. Great stopping power, but a bit unreliable.

My mate swears by his Saint brakes, saying he would like to try the '08 XTRs (same price as Saint). I wouldn't mind the new Juicy Carbons, but basically to match up with the SRAM build. But brand-matching is not a good enough reason to choose a hugely important component for a race bike...

Anyone tried the new XTR braking systems for DH use?

What would be your ultimate DH race brake system?


Mar 22, 2007
Myslenice, Poland
old xt are awesome :D
I am considering shimano saint or formula oro this year
dont like the lever shape of the juicy but thats my personal feel
all three are same class I think
best try out different brakes and pick the one You feel most comfortable with.


Turbo Monkey
Mar 1, 2007
Champery, Switzerland
My friends that ride for the Bikepark.ch WC team didn't have the best experiences with the XTRs and the Saints are better but not by much. Try the Formula The One or Oro if you want light and powerful. It got to the point where we were making fun of their bikes just because of the brakes. On certain trails they would have to stop and piss on their XTR brakes but these are 2000 to 3000 vertical foot singletracks so over heating is not uncommon. I am having the best luck ever with The One.
It has a bit more modulation than the Oro and much more powerful.


Turbo Monkey
Jun 7, 2007
Warsaw :/
Formulas are great. If you want more stop you can just add goodridge hoses and ebc pads and you're golden.


May 27, 2007
I've just got some Formula Oro Puro's for my bike bike.

Have previously run Saints for years which have been faultless, but the weight difference was too much to ignore :)

Once i've had some time with them, i'll be able to come back, but for now, all is good.

Santa Maria

Aug 29, 2007
I am having the best luck ever with The One.
It has a bit more modulation than the Oro and much more powerful.[/QUOTE]

nice to hear, i have ordered the "The ONE" for the coming season. But they are hard to get, since i am still waiting on mine, which i have ordered right after eurobike.