Year long number(plate) vs. per race


Nov 29, 2004
Sharon VT
Seems wasteful to get a new number plate for each USA Cycling MTB race I do. I thought of this when I found my mountain of old number plates. Start it with pros and give a number plate to use year long with their license. Your number could be picked or assigned when you renew your license. It would save race promoters money/time, allow racers to keep the plate on most of the time, and is standard practice in other forms of racing. One-day license racers would be given a cheap plate at the race with a non-conflicting number.

Whats your opinion?


Turbo Monkey
Jul 25, 2005
In the Northwest.
there are a ton of racers. you would have to have 5 didgets at for all the riders.

It is nice going to a race and getting a number plate. it's a cool memory when you do well, and something you can destroy when you don't :D



Turbo Monkey
Jan 30, 2002
Grand Haven, MI
the default AMA 3 digit plates are the last 3 digits of your AMA number. There are hundreds of thousands of AMA members and I have only seen conflicts a couple of times and each of those was when someone was not running their assigned number. License numbers always stay the same from year to year.

AMA pros with a championship title have the option to select a permanent 2 digit number. Most do. Then the rest of the 2 digits get delt out to pros with the most points. So basically, there are about 70 numbers dealt out after the permanent numbers.

Amatuer racers have the option to run a 2 digit number based on their season points. However, that only works in that class. More of a pain than it's worth.

Then there are people like me who raced non-sanctioned races prior to racing an AMA race. I had to pick a number so I chose my son's birthday. Never had a problem.

I would work good to run permanent numbers. BMX does it too.


Nov 29, 2004
Sharon VT
Thats why I said start with the pros. Last I checked there is not more than 10,000 us pro mtb racers. Try the idea with pros(smaller class) and go from there. Pros tend to race the most in a single season so being able to cut down on the # of plates would be nice.


Short One Marshmallow
Sep 7, 2006
French Alps
Also different race series (at least here in EU) would make that difficult... I race all over europe and a fixed number system would not work. It would be nice though to be able to keep the same number year-round...
Perhaps each race series could adopt this idea...


Turbo Fluffer
Aug 8, 2005
My own world inside my head
Its a nice IDea, But it just wont work. Best you can do is have teh same number for a series, or a single location, for example, Fontana, I will have teh same number There only all year, of coarse when I go to Mammoth or Northstar, I will have to have a different number for those locations and so forth. Oh well what to do right?

Jim Mac

May 21, 2004
the middle east of NY
An intermediate move might be the ability to use the same plate for a whole series, ie the VT state Mt. Snow races - same plate can be used all year, minus the Nat's.