Yes or No in a Dialog Box


Tube Smuggler
Sep 13, 2004
When I forced to use Internet Explorer, occassionally I will surf to the wrong URL, where someone has squatted it. When I leave the site, a dialog box pops up, asking me if I want to set some page as my new home page.

As a rule, I always kill IE from the task manager, since I do not know what pushing either button does.

Does anyone looked at the javascript (or whatever code) is behind these buttons? Just curious.

P.S. I use Mozilla, but the work VPN requires IE.

binary visions

The voice of reason
Jun 13, 2002
Actually, it's a genuine "Yes" or "No" choice, since the dialogue box is a stock programming routine. The site tries to set itself as your homepage, and the box that pops up is IE's own question about whether or not you want to.

I believe if you lower your security settings, it quits asking you and just sets it, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

The upshot is, you can safely click "No" :D.

I generally kill IE if it's a dialogue box that I don't recognize, though. I'm told the Yes/No or OK/Cancel dialogue boxes are pretty safe (that is, as long as there's a No or Cancel option, it really does stop whatever the site is trying to do) but you never know. I can pretty much recognize when a dialogue box is IE's and when it's the website's, though. IE's messages are always safe to answer.