Yeti 303 spring weights


Short One Marshmallow
Sep 7, 2006
French Alps
All Yeti 303 owners:

How much do you weigh and what spring weight do you use?

I have a horrible feeling I have ordered the wrong weight ti spring for me. I bought (still to arrive) the weight spring suggested by mojo's spring calculator. I have a 400x3.00 for a 190lb (86kg) rider. It will be a while before the bike is completely built up and I know if I have the correct spring.


Full Trucker

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Feb 26, 2003
I float around the 200 mark, up to 215 in the off season. I ride a Large 303, and swapped the stock 500# spring for a 550#. Not Ti though, not sure how those spring weights are different. The 550# put me dead-on for sag with less than one turn of preload, just spun the top cap til it came to rest on the spring and then slightly snugged it up. I dialed in the rest of the rear end with the damping and bottom out adjustments on the shock.