You know what......maybe I'll just stick with tubes....ARGH!


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Dec 10, 2002
Burlington, Connecticut
so I ordered these Maxxis rimstrips during the winter..........well you know what...........they are a friggin pain in the ass.........I don't think they are worth the hassle of trying to get a friggin tire mounted to them just so I can run tubeless.

I used the soap and water technique - the rim strip is seated fine, but I can't for the life of me get a friggin tire seated to the rim!! What the hell am I doing wrong????

Okay I get one side of the bead mounted just fine and about three quarters if not more of the other side, but then things are really tight......use a tire lever but all that does is seat the bead in one part while releasing the bead at another section of the tire.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I'm at my friggin wits end with these things.

Any advice??? :help: :help: :help: :help:


Wait til you blow one of them up in the garage and white crap goes everywhere.

*oh and use some soap and water.

binary visions

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Jun 13, 2002
That doesn't sound like a problem with the rimstrips, it sounds like just a tight tire on the rim. Have you mounted them without the rimstrips before?


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Feb 19, 2003
or if all else fails get a hammer :)

Seriously though, some tires seat better than others. I only run Maxxis tires and have zero issues with them fitting onto rims. I've used IRC in the past and they work excellent as well. Now.....WTB and Intense tires were a mother...well you know to get onto any rim I own. So I stay away from them. I'd rather not have to fight to change a flat, at that point your already bummed you got a flat so why not make it easier?

Good luck though Mark, all I know is the strip is suspose to hang over the edge, it sounded funny but when you see one done you'll know it's right. You could always try Stan's as a last resort (using their rim strips) though I know the Maxxis ones were way cheaper.


Jul 21, 2004
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I have been running the Maxxis Strips for a few years now... Some tires are just a bitch to mount. I never use soap and water to get them on. I just use the big park tool tire levers.

If the tire is way to tight, I will just put a tube in it for a few weeks and ride it that way. It seems to stretch the tire out just enough.


Feb 5, 2003
The Blackstone Valley
splat said:
Mark how many times do I have to say it USE METAL TIRE LEVERS !!!
:thumb: Stop f*cking around with the plastic tire levers. *Some* tires will not mount without them. If you are stuck with the plastic levers, just seat literally, 1/2" at a time until the last portion of the tire is fully seated. Then go buy the Park METAL tire levers. With a little practice and the METAL tire levers it will become a much easier process. Don't listen to anyone telling you it's a pain in the a$$ and not worth the "hassle". Sure beats changing flats every 3rd or 4th ride. :rolleyes:


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Nov 22, 2002
SkaredShtles said:
Have you tried pushing the opposite, seated side of the tire down into the center groove? This helps immensely when I'm mounting tires on my tubeless rims.
You have tubeless rims?? I figured you rode a velocipede with wooden wheels and solid rubber tires.:)