"You were having sex with a bloke"


ass rainbow
Jul 12, 2005

UNTIL police told him he was "sleeping with a guy", Garrick Jacobson was unaware his girlfriend had a sex change, a court heard yesterday.

"The officers were, like, paying me out," Jacobson recalled in a subsequent police interview.

"Just laughing their heads off, (saying) she's a bloke. You've been sleeping with a guy, ha ha ha."

The revelation pushed him "over the edge", Downing Centre Local Court heard, and just hours later he assaulted his then girlfriend Brigitte Fell at her inner Sydney home.
I dunno, but judging by the rack on the dude/chick in the photo, you HAD to know something was up. Not to mention the face, arms and shoulders...jeez.


ass rainbow
Jul 12, 2005
I bet she took the assault like a man.
After being released from custody, he broke into Ms Fell's unit, yelling: "You didn't tell me you were actually a man - I'm going to smash you."

Jacobson said he slapped Ms Fell, who tumbled over a railing to the floor below and was knocked out.
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The Fresno Kid
Nov 26, 2001
Really, if you're into hetero-anal, what's the difference? Except, of course, her well-muscled back...


Harbinger of Doom
Oct 23, 2001
Really, if you're into hetero-anal, what's the difference? Except, of course, her[sic] well-muscled back...
the ass hair, manly voice, and stubble burn on your 'taint would also be important differences... not to mention the dangle (or surgical scar as it may be :busted: ) down under.


valve bouncer

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Feb 11, 2002
Ah, THAT explains your flight to Asia...
Funny you should say that.....

My last 3 trips home have been with a stopover in Singapore, the previous two were hotel, a bite to eat, a beer or two, sleep and back to the airport the next morning. This one was different, oh so very different. This one had Ken.

Now Ken is a mate of mine, he was the first Australian guy I met in Japan so I've known him for 10 years or so. Last year he moved to Singapore and I said that if I go thru Singapore on my next trip we'll go out for a night on the tiles.

Well I arrived in Singapore and took a cab to Ken's place, had a quick wash of the tricky bits and hit the town. First stop was a nice little bar/restaurant for a bite to eat. "Right" said Ken after we'd finished, "time for the 4 floors". The Four Floors of Whores is famous in Singapore and can be googled. The name is more than descriptive, basically it's a building with four floors of bars that are full of whores.

I had S$150 (US$110) in my pocket. "Not enough", Ken shook his head, "the piss is expensive here". It certainly is, the cheapest beer was I think S$12. "I think we'll hit the lady-boy bar first, I've got a thing for 'em lately". Righto Ken, you're leading this expedition I nod.

It was still early so the joint wasn't exactly pumping, we got our beers and were watching a creature of some description up on stage vibrating to karaoke. Two things appear at our sides, Vietnamese apparently, so we have a chat. Ken's is rough, but mine looks alright. She says "you think I'm pretty?", gorgeous I say. "What you think of this" and whips up its T-shirt to display a perfect set of fully paid for knockers. "Beaut" says Ken, enthused, "couldn't tell" I choke, trying to stop the beer exiting the nasal cavities. "You feel", more of a command than an invitation. Suitably firm, Ken then goes off with the other one to conduct some sort of transaction in the smoking room, leaving me to chat with Mr Tits.

Now the big question in these bars is always "have they had the chop?" and being a virgin (cough, cough) in this field I don't quite know how to approach this seemingly delicate question. Sensing my discomfort it comes closer, providing confirmation "Pussy tight" it rasps, "but arsehole tighter". Not much you can say to that but I manage to splutter "well, better than the other way around I suppose". Fortunately at that moment Ken comes back and saves me but that was just the start. What a great night, spent about US$250 all up, including a number of drinks for the girls, but with my knob kept firmly, very firmly at times, in my duds I assure you but with many more stories to tell.

Apparently the 4 floors will be torn down soon. A crying shame.