Z1 rebound question (03)


Jan 7, 2005
Swain!! NY
I built up a Super D style "do anything" bike.....
Azonic Propulsion, Azonic Outlaw wheels, sturdy components,and an 03 Z1 freeride fork I got on Ebay.
The bike is perfect for ride up..bomb down smoother trails (my usual daily ride stuff).
But I digress..
My question is- The Rebound damping on the Z1 fork only seems to kick in when the Left knob is turned almost all the way in.. and when it does kick in, it's too much damping. I'd, of course, would like a moderate amount of rebound damping. Has anybody dealt with this type of situation? Have any tips? Could it be oil volume in the Left leg? Is the rebound cartridge shot?
The ETA works....if that is some factor.