Zefal Double shot repair/replacement


Turbo Monkey
Aug 9, 2001
Nevada, 2 hours from Mammoth
So I've had this way too old Zefal Double Shot floor pump, and I love it to no end. Recently, it stopped pumping on either the push or pull stroke, and I'm deciding if i want to repair or replace it. I know I can get the needed washers, however, I'm wondering if there is a newer pump on the market, or if I should buy a compressor. The Zefal is great for tubeless, as it puts out the air volume I need.

So..... repair, replace, or buy a dang compressor???


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Nov 10, 2005
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if you can replace it with a couple bucks worth of washers, that's the route i'd start with. a decent floor pump costs $50 or more these days.