zoombrowser issues on xp


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Feb 12, 2003
have a rebel 300d & the zoombrowser dl-interface works well w/ my NT pc & NT laptop, but not so well (or at all, really) w/ my XP pc.

i keep getting "[Camera Window] is not compatible with the detected camera". I can still dl the pics using the xp bundled interface, but in so doing i lose the capability to have them automatically stored in their respective date folders (e.g., "My Pictures\2007_04_21\") as provided w/ the canon software (or 3rd party; whatever).

i've googled my ass off, reinstalled the software, upgraded drivers (i think twain is NOT what i need), and here i am.



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Oct 8, 2002
Portland, OR
I remember having that problem too, It seems like there was some additional driver that had to be installed, not the twain but a USB driver I believe. I can't remember though, that was about 2 years ago. Windows XP has a utility to download pictures too, you can set it to store pictures by date I believe, I used it before I got a canon camera and it worked pretty well, actually I think it may have been a little faster than ZoomBrowser because you don't have to wait for ZoomBrowser to load. There may be a newer version of ZoomBrowser that you can download from Canon that would solve your problems.