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96% of the singletrack in Marin County is off limits to mountain bikers . . . and make no mistake the rangers WILL catch you and ticket you if you try to poach. They even setup speed traps to enforce the 15mph speed limit on fire roads. This takes place within 20 miles on the MTB hall of fame!
I see you "liked" my photo post... can you see them now?! that's frickin weird caus' I changed nothing about how I post them...
Yeah I could see the one of your computer in the snow. Rest still don't anything. :confused:
weird... I'm copying the link image address from my google account and pasting it into the link section of the image function... I wonder if it has something to do with my privacy settings. but it's weird that some people see it and others don't.
Yeah its strange. I can see the picture of your commuter in the snow from yesterday, but the other pictures on that post all have the "no entry" symbol.

I noticed you got a wrist fusion a few years back. I’m supposed to get one in October this year (2019). I’m curious as to what angle you received and if you are still able to ride?

I’d love to talk if you are able.

Phone: (502) 938-4942
Email: elambert753@gmail.com
I came across an MTB thread. Your bro had wrist fusion surgery after snowboard crash and continued to ride.
Im getting ready for surgery, but heard surgeons fuse wrists at bad angles for riding. Would you be able to connect us or know what angles his wrist is fused (straight vs outside). I'd like to get his angles/degrees.
(502) 938-4942
P.S. Sorry about the character limits! If we could connect via email or phone, that would be appreciated.
Hi Jon, can you add me on Strava? That way you can see what I've been doing and get a better idea of what can be done with an E-Bike...
Hey Paul, if possible, I’d like to get the two main angles of your wrist fusion (upward bend / outside bend) so I can share with my hand surgeon. Here is my email. Elambert753@gmail.com

Thanks again for your help!
Servus Loki, sag amal, wie alt bistn du? Kann's sein, dass wir uns kennen? Flo
Hmmm...Flo sagt mir jetzt grad nix. Ich wohn in Salzburg, du?
Bin aus Graz, 38 und war lange aktiv in der österr. DH-Szene.
Ne, dann kennen wir uns ziemlich sicher nicht :-)
I just read your post about top tube being 23.8 on your large dhr.
Interesting. I’m looking at a 2014 dhr and he says it’s 22 5/8. I thought a “large” would be more stretched out.
hey Dude - have a favour to ask. Are you still around the brassy area?
hey yeah I am, I'll just PM you my #
Hi Udi.. i see that thousands of people are asking your help.. we all are gratefull.. would you please send me the manual service of the ccdb coil.. thanks
erion_pinderi@hotmail.com is my email address
Do you still have the Intense for sale? Very interested and local to NoVA, live in Ashburn and am in Springfield at least once per week. If it is still available could you send me a couple more pics to jcollege@gmail.com

Hey Udi, any chance you still have and could share the CCDB DB Coil service manual? djschoon@gmail.com. Thanks!
New trail you have created on the xc side of windrock is proper bad ass.
Yep, I was tired of "flow" and berms.
828-400-7615. Wife and me hope to ride today after it warms up. What time u headed out?
Hey, sorry to bother you, I saw a post saying that you had a ccdb manual, would you have a cc dbinline manual? if so would you shoot it over to harper_stu@yahoo.co.uk - cheers Stu