1. canadmos

    For Sale FiveTen Hellcat Pro

    Selling one pair of size 10, FiveTen Hellcat Pro shoes. I am selling these as I simply purchased the wrong size. I wore them on one short trail ride, but otherwise they are brand new. Item is located in Ontario, Canada.
  2. James

    One of us makes good - please join me in congratulating...

    Our own Nate King, nee Heisenberg, on going from lowly Cat. 5 newb, to his first PRO contract for the 2012 race season. Competitive Cyclist Racing Team Sets Roster For 2012 : PitchEngine : Get the Word Out™ BAM! I'd like to say that I was his mentor, that he owes it all to me and my...
  3. R

    What is my bike made for?

    Hey guys,I have a 2001 Schwinn pro-xs. The bike doesn't look like a street bike or racing bike. The frame is a bit longer than most bikes and it has normal width tires. I can't think of hiow exactly to describe so Ill post a pic,as they say,a picture is worth a thousand words.The pics arent of...