A slick Night ride


Nam I am
well it poured rain here all after noon, about 5pm it cleared , just in time for a 7 Pm night ride.

It was Me , IF_rider , Ben-o, Berkshire_rider and the fisherman himself SloMoJo.

the rain really made things slick , we all hit the ground at least once , pretty hard too.

shortly after we started we saw these guys just laying on the side of the trail. I was less than 20 feet from these 2 when I took this picture. you can see a 3 one's eyes in the distance in the upper right hand corner. we saw at least 6 sets of eye here. and we were seeing them all over the place.

Berkshire_rider , right after his first fall on this rock.

SloMoJo tries to get up the rock, nope didn't make it.

IF_rider show him how its done.

Ben-O says its a lot easier going this way .

IF_rider hitting another small drop

those are all the pics I have for now. because I was alos playing with one of those one time use CVS digital Video Camera's It has been hacked :) and now it's not so one time use ! so I took a bunch of video's and we shall see what comes of this.


Nam I am
gnurider1080 said:
what kind of animal did those eyes belong to?

Tyey were laying down , there were about 6 of them. I couldn't believe how close they let us get to them. and they didn't even run when the camera flash went off , they usually do.
then we started talking about getting some fresh venison , and using the leather man in my camel back and Berkshire_rider talked about bringing his blow gun and well it just went down hill from there.


Feb 5, 2003
The Blackstone Valley
I Are Baboon said:
Two ride threads since you got the new bike, and you're 0 for 2 in producing a Splat-on-the-new-bike pic. :stosh:


Nice pics, man. :)
If I had my camera with me last night to take some pics of him on the new bike, it would have been smashed to pieces with all of the crashes. :dead:


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Feb 17, 2002
Nowhere Man!
johnbryanpeters said:
Mass cougars sometimes use disquises. They are a sly bunch. Splat didn't even realize how much danger he was in. They must have been out numbered otherwise I am sure they would have attacked.