BTCEB Fall Picnic & Trail Days


Oct 7, 2005
Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay will be hosting our fall picnic in Joaquin Miller Park on OCTOBER 22nd, 12 noon in the lower meadow. We'll also be participating in a trails day with the JMP Trails Working Group.

As you may now the TWG is currently development a master plan for JMP and it's important that cyclists stay involved in the process and show our support in the park. JMP Supervisor, Martin Mataresse will provide an overview of what is to be done and provide instructions for the working days. The main goal of the effort is to help prepare the park for the winter rains. Trail work is fun, rewarding, and a great way to show your support for JMP.

The Annual Fall Picnic will be held in Joaquin Miller Park on the 22nd. The picnic is free to all current paid members. (If you're not a member already signup online .) We'll have the usual assortment of BBQ items and drinks/beer. The plan is to work on the trails in the morning and then meet down at Fernwood Picnic spot in the lower Meadow (below the ranger station) at noon for the picnic. Come on out and participate in the morning trail work and then meet some fellow riders with a cold beer and delicious BBQ.

Meet at the JM Park Ranger Station for the trail work at 9:00am. Take the Joaquin Miller/ Lincoln Avenue exit off Highway 13 (Warren Freeway). Proceed up the hill (east) on Joaquin Miller about 3/4 mile and take your first left onto Sanborn drive. The Ranger station is to the left. At noon the picnic will begin in the large meadow below the ranger station.

For more information contact brent@btceb.org.