I wouldn't go to a Maiden show....


Chocolate Milk Doug
May 15, 2002
Shut up and Ride
August 21, 2005

Iron Maiden were chosen for the Ozzfest tour because the Ozzfest committee felt they were a good band, plus the fact that they had not done shows in the U.S. for some time. From day one, Bruce Dickinson started berating Ozzy and belittling the Ozzfest audience. He stated he"didn’t need a reality show to give him credibility"; "we're not just some f*cking reunion band"; and continuously complained about the sound system, saying that when he comes back to America he’ll have a better one. I understand he hasn’t toured in the U.S.in these size venues in a while and no longer understands the political structure of things. Out of 200-plus bands over the last 10 years, he has been the only person who hasn’t had the Ozzfest spirit. He thought he was at a battle of the bands, always making other comments about the other artists.

Might I say, the rest of the band are gentlemen and have a great professional attitude. The crew are absolutely great. But how sad it was, after 10 years, that this little man tried to ruin it for everyone. The bands of Ozzfest don’t even look at Ozzfest as touring, but as its heavy metal summer camp. Bruce is in fact a jealous prick and very envious. None of his tirades were directed at Sabbath, only Ozzy. Steve Harris [Iron Maiden's bassist] personally came to Ozzy in San Bernardino and apologized for Bruce’s behavior this summer, stating that he and the rest of the band were "embarrassed" by their own singer.It also offended me every night how he took out the English flag in America. There are American boys going to war alongside the English boys every day. How dare he forget the American troops on their home turf. He has had no respect for the American audience he has been playing for, stating in an interview, "When you do the 'hits' tour here [in the U.S.], the audience is smug, and there's a sense of self-satisfaction, like, 'We got what we wanted…I'm looking at an audience that is self-satisfied and happy and fat, and getting what it wants and isn't prepared to get off its ass.."

Before there was Samson there was SABBATH!

Ozzfest 2005 continues on with our summer of fun with the addition of Velvet Revolver. This is where the fun begins…..

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Turbo Monkey
Sep 1, 2004
seriously. saw maiden 2 years ago... bruce dickenson is 30 times the performer ozzy ever was. i couldn't believe how good of a live show they put on.

ozzy peaked in 1973 and has gone rapidly downhill ever since.


unique white person
Sep 21, 2001
corey_dcstreet said:
ozzy peaked in 1973 and has gone rapidly downhill ever since.
Unfortunately, that downhill ride isn't underneath the wheels of their tour bus.

EDIT: And I wouldn't pay more than $5.00 to see Iron Maiden or Sabbath together.


beer and bikes
Feb 6, 2003
Portland, OR
I saw Iron Maiden in 1985 on their "Live After Death" Tour, and it was one of the best performances I've ever seen. So much so that I have the DVD of the tour at home.



Jul 15, 2005
At a computer...duh
I saw Iron Maiden in Canada during the Brave New World tour, and I have to admit, of the 30 some odd major concerts I've been to, their live show (plus their crystal clear sound system which was incredible) has been many times better than any other band I've ever seen, including Metallica, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Slayer, etc., all of which are excellent performers themselves. Maybe Bruce was complaining about the typical ****ty Ozzfest sound because the sound of their own headlined tours is so amazing...I probably would be too after performing with that for 20+ years.


Sep 29, 2004
In a van down by the river.
McGRP01 said:
I saw Iron Maiden in 1985 on their "Live After Death" Tour, and it was one of the best performances I've ever seen. So much so that I have the DVD of the tour at home.

I saw that one too. Very good show......well they did have Twisted Sister as their opening act. :(


YouTube Boy
Jan 18, 2004
Bomb City
Bruce Dickinson should thank his lucky stars that he was even asked to come on Ozzfest. Even though they are a great band, there is no way they would ever play before 30-40,000 on their own. I saw the tour just last week and I'll bet you that 40-50 percent of the audience had never even heard a Maiden song before that show because, let's face it, they get ZERO radio airplay and unless most of those kids' parents own one of their cd's, they ain't rushing out to buy one.