Legal and Contract CAD monkey help


ease dropper
Jun 19, 2005
So I'm doing a contract CAD job and I may be running into a legal issue and I'm not sure if I can get in trouble or what I should do to cover my ass while doing the job. So the issue is, a small engineering company is sending me drawing files and requests that I change the title block information from company A to company B. now everything school has taught me says that's plaigerism. But on my end all it appears is that the company "changed names". But after doing some research I found that the person contacting me is or was an engineer for the company. So I don't know who owns the drawings. I know there are some legal people and cad people on here so I'm wondering if anyone has run into anything like this in the past.


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Nov 10, 2005
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generally i'd be wary of this kind of situation. however... it does depend on the intended use and the situation. I've had to do that in my job, but that was because of some technicalities. IE, we had tooling cut per the drawing from a third party local vendor. They made their own drawing per our drawing and updated it per the machine it was for and how it had to be cut. Then I had to update my drawing - which I did from their part file; since each of us (my company and the vendor) had to have approved controlled versions of the drawing on our own header block.


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Feb 21, 2008
Ask them to show you some documentation that changes the name of the company from Company A to Company B.


Mar 31, 2004
Broomfield, CO
If a person has contracted you to change the title block on a CAD drawing I would say nothing is too stupid to be out of the realm of possibility. That's such a simple thing to do.