New cranks! New saddle! New fork! New stuff!!!


Turbo Monkey
Dec 17, 2003
Colorado Springs
Although I STILL :mad: haven't gotten my M3 frame in yet it was like Christmas today for me. :D :evil:

05 Boxxer Race (was going to be 04 Team but they were out of stock so I got this for $425. Hope it works out, I'll likely get it push'd once Push starts working on RS stuff)

Selle Italia HOTNESS! :cool:


Can you all believe these cranks were $60 from jensonusa.com!!!! I figure all I need to do is get a 38t DH ring, grind down the granny mounts and I have some sickass cranks. :D And even an extra 22t ring and bulletproof looking bash! lol.

That's all for now. :D