New Monkey


Tube Smuggler
Sep 13, 2004
I have just been cruisen through the threads checking everything out. I like is so far. I am a bike enthusiast and just started checking out this forum. I am definately going to start contributing and using you guys/girls for info, sharing picks with people who actually want to see them. I try to ride my beach cruiser out to Ocean Beach as much as possible. It is a fantastic ride from my place in the Haight through GG Park and to the Beach. only an 8 mile round trip but some of the hills can be tough on a cruiser.

I am impressed with Crazybikergirl. Bummer she is in New York, as I am in San Francisco. I would love to ride with her.
Anyone out there have any specific diet suggestions for training? Not that I am going to race, but I would like to lose 25-30lbs while biking, while keeping it fun. I can't always get to the trails (living in the City) and I don't have a road bike. So I just use my Mnt Bike.
I don't want to starve myself, I think 2 - 3lbs a week is healthy. I am coming to terms with the "no beer" concept though. That is the hardest, I love riding far to destinations and having a few cold ones.
oY vEY!