Web design people - what do you use?


A fowl peckerwood.
Sep 5, 2001
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As the girls are now in school, my wife is getting back into the game. (Web design being part of the game)

She's hung up on Adobe Dreamweaver (and the rest of the creative suite)....is that a good idea? Or is there other stuff out there that should be considered?


Turbo Monkey
Oct 12, 2001
HTML 5, CCS3 and coding by hand (more or less). It's how all the big boys roll.

Dreamweaver is the suck.

Hand coding is really the only way to know what you're doing. Dreamweaver simply gets in the way and makes you learn how to run dreamweaver, rather than learn what you're actually doing. Find a nice text editor and go. A bit of javascript via jquery is also good to have in the arsenal.

The design end of most of my work starts w/ pencil & paper and then into photoshop for higher fidelity mockups. I often use illustrator for vector work.

I recommend checking out these sites, to see what people are doing these days:
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