F1RST Trailer


Turbo Monkey
Jun 7, 2007
Warsaw :/
JRogers maybe not laughable but I think that saying one thing in a trailer of many movies over and over again (yeah in different word) is kinda boring. I hope the movie will also be better cut as the "hardcore" commentary was kinda out of place when most of the between the tape was edited in a way it seemed slow (compared to Earthed, Illusionary or Re-Focus). I aways like the trailers clay makes but I'm still not sure if he can make a really entertaining for the whole movie. (for a semi interested person, I know that everyone here will see it anyway. I will for sure).
Anyway I still think it will be a cool movie, just maybe not a movie that you can show to non riding friends (my friends liked earthed 5 but BTT was very boring for them).

BTW. If clay wants to make a documentary why not go the way snowboarding ppl went and did first descent. But maybe it's more of a job for the collective guys.


Sep 28, 2001
I like the documentary style, kinda helps outsiders gain an understanding of what racing really takes. Clay's new style kinda reminds me of Dana Browns "Dust to Glory". Hoping there's no sped up footage in this one though.......