Our Newest Projects...

well we finally started putting up new stuff in Calaveras and so far its been siick!

weve got some new trails and now these new kickers along with some remodeled ones... and finally a spot to hang out out of the sun!

the spot:

remodeled lip:




35 footer... to the smoothest, longest landing in North County:biggrin:

15 footer into the same landing... its just a higher trajectory lip for tricks and BS

and the only pic i got of me riding that day...
on the drop:

i'll post pics of the new trail too... once i get them on Photobucket...

i also heard that SDMBA wants to turn this whole area into a designated biking spot, with a "skills" park and everything! i know the guy who is mostly in charge of it all, and i met a few people who know him and saw me working on these things yesterday, they said he would be super stoked to have me on the building crew, and i know i would be too! especially considering that the place is pretty much right in my backyard!

thanks guys, i've been slaving long and hard! and i couldnt have done it without FactoryCostcoDH!

the thing that sucks though is that when FactoryCostcoDH and i build these jumps, we want people to hit them, but unfortunaley, it seems like we are the only ones within a 20 mile radius who will actually do them... its just a bummer because were aways so stoked when we see other people riding, but we never see that at this spot... hopefully that will change if it gets turned into a park!

i got some pics of me hitting the 15 footer and the taller stepdown, some are phone pcs, and some are real camera pics...
i'll post the phone pics in a sec, and the better pics later because i dont have the camera right now...

i like how this thread was my 888th post:biggrin:


Apr 27, 2004
i wonder how that 35 footer compares to the gully gaps at ted williams?
i've done the left line (smaller one, about 30-31 feet).