Sprint Customer Service......


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Aug 8, 2005
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I know there was anotehr thread about this.... But.... Early December, My wife and I Bought new phones, signed a new contract, Got rebates ETC. We also had two Mail rebates for 50 dollars each phone. Today I got a letter from sprint denying our rebates, "You do not meet the rebate requirements Due to not signing a new 2 year agreement......"

Well, I called up sprint, Talked to them and they found it to be a clearical error, gave me a new two year contract for both phones active today, there new Deal is a 70 dollar instant rebate per line, and for the mistake they allowed me to have an additional 20% off my bill for the total contract time. On top of that, they gave a phone number to call, and I am still getting the 50 dollar per phone rebates that I will have in fifteen days.

Score one for customer service, there error has worked in my favor, Not only did I get My original rebate, but now I get an additional 140 dollars, and 20% off the bill for the remainder of the contract.

P.S. Had to post this with all the hating on CS lately, got have some good news to counteract the bad